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Have trouble wearing shoes?
Have large size shoes? Toes and forefeet are easy to get calluses, corns, blisters? Have foot problems and feel painful to wear shoes? Our gel toe cushions can do great help to solve these troubles.
Made of a high quality gel material called SEBS, latex free, harmless to skin, soft and stretchy, very comfy to wear. With toes all enwrapped, it can protect toes from friction, prevent foot calluses, corns, blisters. With gradual thickness up to toes(1-4mm), it can relieve forefoot pressure and make large size shoes right to wear.
If your feet get symptoms such as hammer toe, hallux valgus, broken toes, plantar fasciitis, bunions, metatarsal pain, mortons neuroma, small toe cysts which make your feet painful in shoes, our toe cushion pads can effectively relieve the pains .

Product features:
Can be worn with thin snug socks or bare in shoes.
It works with most closed-toe shoes, such as sneakers, boots, toe shoes, high heels, flats,etc. Of course a half or full size larger shoes or large box shoes can bring more comfort.
Perfect foot cushion for walking, running, climbing, hiking, dancing, playing tennis or other sports.

Size: one size fits most adult feet. The widest place of the sleeve ranges from 3.1" to 9.8". But for wear comfort, we recommend a shoe size range for your reference, men's shoe size: US size 5 to 10, women's shoe size: US size 4 to 12. Or if your foot width is in the range of 2.9" to 4.3", you can wear this sleeves.

Warm Tips:
Hand wash in cold water, air dry, avoid sun exposure and fire.
It's recommended to change a new pair after 60 days at most.
Use with some baby powder to reduce feet sweat and sticky feeling.
NOTE: for extremely swollen or large-area bunions, it may be not applicable.
Package Included: 1 pair gel toe sleeves