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Penkwin® 6 piece Plantar Fasciitis Heel Support

Penkwin® 6 piece Plantar Fasciitis Heel Support

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Comfort and Protection for Painful Heels.
Penkwin Heel Supports provide targeted compression to protect and comfort your painful feet.

In each care package you will receive:
- 3 x Neoprene Heel Supports

Say goodbye to foot pain.

✔ Suitable for daily wear. Heel supports are made from breathable material that does not irritate your skin. Each pack contains 3 pairs so you can have support at all times.

✔ Cushion your heels from impact with the support that is firm enough to provide relief but gentle enough to give you comfort.

✔ Designed in the UK, we have listened to our customers and created a product to help whether you are suffering from plantar fasciitis, Achilles pain, stress fractures, tendon, edema, metatarsal or other heel pain

✔ One Size Fits Most: Suitable for men and women with average foot sizes.