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Penkwin® 6 Piece Metatarsal Pad Set

Penkwin® 6 Piece Metatarsal Pad Set

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Feel like you're walking on a cloud
This Complete 6-Piece Metatarsal Pad set dramatically reduces pain in and out of shoes.

In each care package you will receive:
- 6 x metatarsal cushions

For the best results, wear with tight fitting socks!

Say goodbye to foot pain.

✔ Perfectly suited for metatarsal pain, Morton's neuroma, or aching in the balls of your feet. Our customers have reported instant pain relief where steroid injections have failed.

✔ Super Effective for relieving pain caused by long-term walking, standing or wearing hard soles. Suitable for all shoe types, athletic shoes, high heels, or work boots

✔ Specially designed to redistribute pressure and protect your feet from blisters and abrasion even in flip flops!

✔ Soft Touch Material: This kit is made from super soft and gentle PU and SEBS material so you can be sure it won’t stick to you or leave ugly marks.