Penkwin® | 5 Piece Complete Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief kit

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✅ COMPLETE 5 PIECE KIT - Complete 5 piece kit for all your plantar fasciitis and foot pain needs - We listen to our customers, we had feedback about the gel heel socks, so we took everything offline and swapped them out for our medical grade fabric compression heel socks!
✅ GENTLE COMPRESSION - Our socks are designed to provide gentle compression (Not as agressive as sports compression socks) to aid in relieving plantar fasciitis pain, and as a bonus their gel heel helps relieve cracked heels!
✅ PAIN RELIEF - Our Medical Grade fabric heel helps relieves heel pain relating to Plantar Fasciitis by gently absorbing shock and providing cushioning! Don't worry, there isn't too much gel, so it doesn't cause any height gain or wobbling!
✅ DEEP TISSUE MASSAGER - Amazing for massaging foot arches! Not only that, perfect for use on other parts of the body Pop into the freezer or warm water for a specific temperature massage.
✅ 100% RISK FREE - Money back guarantee! 



✓Extra Strong

✓Perfect for everyone

✓Hot/Cold massage

The Penkwin® massager is great for plantar fasciitis:

There are plenty of options when it comes to plantar fasciitis foot massagers, but none that match the durability and performance and shape of the Cosyoft® Foot massager! Specifically designed to be firm, unlike spiky massage balls our massager is not only a better choice, but will give you the plantar fasciitis relief you need.Dip in warm water until desired temperature and massage for a soothing warm massage, alternatively for a nice cold massage just place in the freezer until desired temperature is reached!


✓Gentle Compression

✓Helps prevent swelling

✓Gel heel lining

✓Helps prevent and repair cracked heels

The Penkwin® ultra-thin gentle compression support can fit under your socks! This gentle compression throughout the sole of your foot to help alleviate arch and heel pain associated with plantar fasciitis, Metatarsal pain, Heel Pain, Heel Spur, Calcaneal Spur symptoms and swelling

BONUS: (The gel heel can also help repair cracked heels!)

Compression heels

✓Shock Absorbing

✓Medical Grade compression heel


The Penkwin® Shock Absorbing Breathable Fabric Sleeve is designed with medical grade gel silicon to provide ultimate safety and comfort. The shock absorbent material absorbs shock from heel strike and will help to prevent a heel spur that often follows plantar fasciitis The design provides better cushioning and compression for your aching heels. Small holes in the sleeve create air circulation as you walk and prevent that sweaty smell that is given off by other similar products.


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