Inflatable ring cushions

How an inflatable ring cushion helps you

An inflatable ring distributes the works by distributing your body weight evenly, without putting too much pressure on the perineum. This helps you to relieve pelvic, perinea, and anal pain. This allows for effective pain relief and healing of the affected area. 

Our Penkwin inflatable ring cushion

We at Penkwin, have looked at the market and created a product that beats the competition. By learning what works for our customers and what doesn't, we have designed our inflatable ring cushions to help resolve your pain the best.


Our cushion is clean and hygienic. The synthetic flannel cover is hypoallergenic and you can wash the cushion easily in the washing machine. 


It is easy to inflate. Our air pump lets you have a fast and easy inflation. Other cushions are difficult to inflate and they will leave you feeling short of breath. 


You can vary the level of inflation to meet your needs. While inflating, just add varying levels of air to the cushion to make it firm, medium, or soft!


Have a look at our inflatable ring cushion today!